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What makes our school photos different?

At Yorkshire Schools Photography we have a passion for allowing children to express themselves in photos taken in the context of their school to provide lasting meaningful memories of their time there. School playgrounds, especially those with natural outdoor spaces lend themselves to relaxed, natural light shoots with the time for each child to choose how and where their photos are captured. We always have a few standard headshots in the selection but, where possible, also include action shots, fun shots, full on belly laughs and serious working faces too.

No child misses out. Coming to the school on more than one day allows us to catch those off sick, on holiday, shy or with additional needs who may need longer to get to know the photographer to be able to be relaxed and give natural smiles. Getting to know the children and learning their names helps put them at ease and letting them take photos with friends reinforces that they are calling the shots.

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1 Comment

Feb 01, 2020

I remember the staged photos with the picture of the bookcase behind us. Your approach sounds so much nicer!

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