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Positive comments to boost self esteem.

One of the things that prompted the set up of my alternative school photography business was the upset my children described from their photo sessions at primary school. Being asked to pose in a way that made them feel silly, being told to sit still and smile and told off when they couldn't manage. I cant imagine for one minute they would ever describe the experience as 'FUN'. Our children are young for such a short time, their childhood, their school days should be FUN and for me that includes their school photos. I love nothing better than taking a reticent child out of class for their photos then after the shoot hearing them call out to their friends 'that was fun!' and turning to me asking if they can do more photos at lunchtime. That is what it is all about.

I am very aware of the importance of positive behaviour cues, praising children for the things they are doing right instead of concentrating on what they are doing 'wrong'. Every child likes to know they are doing a good job, posing well, coming up with good ideas, looking great, being kind, looking after the younger children, smiling beautifully. Happy children who are feeling good about themselves relax and give natural smiles, leaving the photoshoot with a sense of accomplishment and my job is done.

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