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School Photos

Breathing  life  back  into  school  photos - one  school  at  a  time

Yorkshire Schools Photography has a unique approach to school photography. Letting the children call the shots and take ownership of their school photos deciding how and where they are taken instead of being expected to sit and smile for a stranger. Making the best use of any outside space whilst including images in the classroom to give a varied gallery for every family. Siblings are photographed separately and together and many schools invite younger siblings in for a shoot too.


Year 6 Leavers

Whole  class  and  friendship  groups

If ever there was a time to let the children be in control of the shoot it is with their Year 6 photos. Such an important time for every child, leaving primary school is a time to be celebrated. Capturing group shots of all the Year 6 leavers and friendship groups for the children to have lasting reminders of this important time in their lives is always an exciting time of year for Yorkshire Schools Photography.


Class Group Photos and Whole School

Online Orders

Class photos, whole school, choir, school council, sports teams and other group photos with all ordering done online for easy administration for schools. Many families have children in more than one class so print prices are kept as low as possible with varying print sizes to suit every budget. I only ever share photos with parents permission so don't have a group photo to post directly to the page but some are displayed on the school pages.


Staff Headshots and Website Photos


Provided free of charge to schools booking Yorkshire Schools Photography for the children's individual photos or charged at an hourly rate to provide a gallery for use by the school.

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